Non-Invasive Alternatives to Breast Augmentation

Many women seek breast augmentation to have larger, firmer and perkier breasts. The shape of breasts may change and become droopy from child bearing, aging and with weight loss. Breast elasticity may also be lost from tanning. A breast augmentation surgery can be invasive. The following are non-invasive alternatives to breast augmentation that may enhance the appearance, size and shape of the breasts.


There are many padded bras and モfalsiesヤ on the market to give the appearance of larger breasts.


Exercising is a great way of strengthening the chest muscles and perking up breasts. These effective exercises may include weight lifting and pushups, or even exercise machines at the gym, such as the butterfly machine.

Creams and Herbal Pills

Most herbal pills have been known to work successfully for minor breast enhancement, as long as they are being supplemented in combination with breast or chest enhancing exercises.

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are another way to enhance and increase the size of the breasts.ᅠTheyᅠare often used by nursing mothers to pump and extract their breast milk. Breast pumps do not suction milk from the breasts, but instead create a vacuum around the breast increasing the breast size as it pulls body fluids into the breast tissues.

Caci Bust Treatment

A Caci bust treatment is a hand-held cosmetic device designed by doctors to enhance the breast size by toning and strengthening theᅠbreast muscles. This machine sends electrical impulses to tone, and was originally invented to treat muscle injuries.

Shaping Systems

The モBrava Breast Enhancement Systemヤ promises to shape and enhance the breasts. This is the only known FDA-approvedᅠbreast shaping system that isᅠclinically proven to be safe and effective. A tissue expansion technique is used with gentle tension stimulating the breast tissue to grow. This stimulation normally increases the overall size of the breast. The shaping system is worn and held in place with a sports bra.ᅠIt promises to increase the breast size to one full cup, through the wearing of the system for 10 hours per day for 10 weeks. Women may wear the breast shaping system longer than the 10 weeks with continued breast tissue growth. There are studies showing the treatment lasts for at least up to two years.

Breast Lifts and Laser Breast Lifts

Some breast lifts may beᅠless invasive than a surgical breast augmentation, butᅠareᅠtemporary. A laser breast lift is a more permanent transformation. With the use of a laser and heat energy, this process causes the deeper tissues to contract and harden, making the procedure last longer than the traditional breast lift.

Botox Breast Augmentation

Botoxᅠbreast augmentationᅠinvolves injectingᅠBotox into the pectoralis muscles causing relaxation, which in turn causes the back muscles to compensate, and thereby raising the breasts. This procedure normally lasts only 3 to 4 months. The long-term side effects for this procedure have not yet been studied. In addition, having Botox injections into the pectoralis minor muscles with freezing may create difficulties with activity in everyday life such as rolling over, with exercises like pushups, and other physical activities.

Word of Caution

It is never recommended to inject fat into breast tissue, as these injections cause scar tissue and calcium deposits, which may be mistaken for cancer on mammograms.

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