Laser Bra Surgery Cost - Laser Bra Breast Surgery

The procedure can be used for a range of breast-related cosmetic procedures including breast reduction, breast lift, or breast implants, enhancement or enlargement. The best candidates are well-adjusted women whose sagging breasts cause health and medical problems, interfere with routine activities, disrupt sleep, or related self-consciousness. Older patients with a heart condition on many medications should avoid the procedure due to their higher risk of complications from any surgery and may want to consider breast reduction exercizes instead.

The Laser Bra Breast Surgery Procedure

Laser bra breast surgery is usually performed in a hospital or outpatient surgery center. It takes up to two hours and is usually performed under general anesthesia. Patients usually return home within two hours.

The approach to incisions is made in the same manner as traditional breast reduction, breast lift, or breast augmentation for women. The breast is lifted. The doctor then lasers outer most tissue layer, creating an internal bra offering more firmness and support to remaining inner tissue or implant.

Recovering from Laser Bra Breast Surgery

Recovery from this procedure usually takes five to seven days, and you will be able to fully resume normal activities within three weeks. The doctor will supply a list of instructions that you must follow to reduce the risk of complications. You may be fitted with a special brace/bandage to wear at all times, other than bathing (sponge bath), until your doctor determines it is no longer needed.

If the procedure requires drains to be inserted, they will need to be emptied as per the doctor’s instructions. Dressings must be changed regularly. Some pain, swelling, and bruising can occur, but can be managed with medications and proper care. You must perform no exercise and no lifting of 10 pounds or more during the recovery period.

Laser Bra Surgery Cost and Financing Options

Laser bra breast surgery costs consist of three fees: local or general anesthesia fees, hospital or clinic fees, and the surgeon's fees. Fees vary widely so quoting a cost estimate here would not be meaningful. Also, since it’s a relatively new procedure, there are no established norms for estimating cost.

Chances are your insurance carrier will not cover it if the procedure is undertaken for cosmetic reasons, but check with them first as there may be a way to justify it beyond cosmetic improvement. Also, most medical practices will offer payment plans and finance options.

Risks of Laser Bra Surgery

The most common but infrequent complications include infection, bleeding, and excessive scarring. To get more information on the pros and cons of this procedure, contact a Plastic Surgeon in you area for a consultation.

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