Implants for men

Female breast augmentation has definitely taken the world by storm; however, there are chest implants for men as well. Many people still do not understand the difference between implants for men and implants for women and don't even understand why a man would want them. First of all, a pec implant for a man is much different than for a woman. While a woman's breast implant is large and roundish, a man's implant is a thin implant made of solid silicone. They are not meant to make the chest too much larger, but instead are meant to provide a shapelier, more define look.

What Are the Benefits?

Before you would consider having such a procedure performed, you would naturally want to know how having pectoral implants for men would benefit you. As previously stated, they are developed so as to improve the shape of the chest area. Men that are very athletic and prefer to have a toned body may have a very difficult time achieving the pectoral look that many of the famous athletes and body builders have. Sometimes it is just not possible. This is what makes the pec implant so helpful. It can help build self confidence and a better proportioned chest area.

How is the Surgery Performed?

It is natural that you would have questions about how the surgery is performed and how implants for men are placed into the body. First of all, you will have to choose the pec implant that is right for you. Your doctor will give you some different sizes and shapes to choose from beforehand. The surgery usually begins with an incision in the armpit. The implant will be inserted through here and the doctor will place it in the chest using an endoscope. This is basically a very small camera. After the implant is placed under the muscle, the incision is sutured.

What About Risks?

Any type of plastic surgery for men will have some form of risk involved. There is nothing really to be concerned about though. Unlike implants for women, implants for men will not leak or break because they are not filled with liquid. Instead, they are solid silicone. However, there is sometimes bleeding from the incisions and cut tissues that may lead to bruising. In very rare cases, it is possible for bleeding and infection to occur. The implant may also become displaced.

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