Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a form of plastic surgery in which the breasts are outfitted with breast implants, which can improve the size and shape of the breasts. It is a procedure that uses either saline or silicone gel implants. Besides being used to improve breast size, it can also correct the size and shape of breasts after pregnancy.

Duration of the Procedure

Breast augmentation surgery can last for an hour or sometimes longer. The main issue with breast implants is how to get them in. Traditionally, they are inserted into the breast, but this can cause unpleasant scarring. New techniques involve inserting them through an incision in the armpit or even in the belly button. The procedure is invariably an outpatient procedure, so expect to be in and out of the hospital within a single day.

The Length of Recovery

Whenever you get plastic surgery performed on you, you can expect to have a rest period in order to recover. In the case of breast augmentation surgery, you can expect to be back to regular work within three to seven days. As far as cosmetic surgery goes, that is an amazingly quick recovery time. Of course, for more strenuous work, you should really wait two to three weeks. You will probably have swelling and bruising for anywhere from three to six months. Other side effects you may experience include temporary soreness, swelling, change in nipple sensation, and so forth. Breasts will usually be sensitive to stimulation for several weeks.

The Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery

What does breast augmentation and enhancement cost? It will usually cost between $3,000 and $4,000. The procedure has become fairly standard so most surgeons have a standardized price for their services. Besides the doctor, the hospital and anesthesiologist will get a cut as well. As far as the cost of plastic surgery goes, this is about par for the course. You probably won't be able to find a better price.

The Risks Involved with Breast Augmentation

Nobody likes to think about the possible risks involved with plastic surgery, but it is important that you think it over. While the risk of breast augmentation and enlargement are not great, they are existent and may include lack of implant permanence, the chance that breasts will have to be removed or replaced in a few years, bleeding, or infection.

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