Big Breast Implants - Yes or No?

Bigger is better, isn't it? Well, not always. It certainly isn't always better in the case of breast implants. While some women do prefer to go with big breast implants, sometimes opting to go up several bra cup sizes, other women are content with achieving proportion and balance between their breasts, hips, and waist.

How can you decide what you would like? How will you know whether balance in breast implants is right for you or if it would be best for you to get big breast implants? Here are some methods you can use to help decide.

Look Around

Start looking at other women's breasts. Yes, you may feel strange looking at strangers in public. So, rather than leering at strange women (and possibly giving them the creeps), instead try checking out the shapes and sizes of women's breasts in magazines. This way, if you find some that you like, you can bring the pictures with you to your breast surgeon so that he can get an idea of what you would like.

You may want to pick up a couple of men's magazines so that you will be able to get a closer look. Many of the women photographed in men's magazines actually have big breast implants (you may be able to tell by looking), so this may prove to be quite helpful.

Think About It

Big breast implants are likely to get a great deal of attention from men and not all of it may be pleasant. If you choose to get big breast implants, you may end up having to put up with lots of wolf whistles, saucy remarks, and men talking at your chest instead of to your face.

On the other hand, big breast implants can give some women a great deal of confidence. Some women seem to come into their own as far as sexuality goes after getting big breast implants, for instance.

Consult a Surgeon

Visit a breast surgeon for a consultation about breast implant surgery. At your consultation, discuss with the surgeon your concerns about big breast implants. It is likely that the surgeon will have several implants in his office that you can "try on" by placing them inside your bra. Try this so that you will get an idea of how you may look with big breast implants. You can even invite a friend along to the consultation and have her photograph you with the implants on so that you can look at yourself later.

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