Similar Treatments and Alternatives for Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty is a type of plastic surgery in which the structural integrity of the hymen is restored. The hymen is prone to be ruptured during sexual activities, high-impact sports, accidents and due to menstrual irregularities. Though a ruptured hymen doesn't present a significant risk in terms of infection or impacting any gynecological function, many women seek to treat it. Women seeking hymenoplasty should be aware about other treatment options that are equally effective and may put forth a small, cost advantage.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

This is among the latest applications of laser in the niche of cosmetic treatment. Laser treatment is quite popular in improving the dynamics of the aging facial skin. Advancements in the use of laser beams mean their usage for rejuvenating the torn hymen. Here, it is commonly referred to as LVR or Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation.

Understanding LVR

The most appreciated part about this treatment option is its non-invasive approach. It is not a form of plastic surgery, but a laser-based treatment wherein there is little discomfort and the recovery period is rather short. The laser beams are used to heat the internal tissue of the vaginal opening area. Due to this, the healing process of the vagina's tissues is invigorated. The vaginal tissues are pressed into a state of repairing any kind of tissue damage. This includes the opening of the vaginal canal, wherein the hymen is located.

The laser-induced heating also revitalizes the synthesis of natural proteins found in the skin that are needed to maintain its elasticity. The increased strength of the fibers leads to increased pulling action of the skin around the vaginal opening, which in turn leads to tightening of the hymen.

Comparing LVR with Hymenoplasty

Please note that unlike hymenoplasty, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation is not a restorative process. This means that it doesn't promise that the hymen is restored to its precise, un-ruptured form. Instead, it provides an undemanding treatment format wherein the entire vaginal opening, including the hymen, is systematically tightened. Thus, it reduces the impact of a ruptured hymen admirably.

The hymen here is tightened in a slower manner since the rejuvenated healing process of the vaginal tissue take some time to develop the required level of elasticity. No surgical tools are used in LVR, and risks commonly associated with hymenoplasty are negated.


Unlike LVR, Vaginoplasty is a type of plastic surgery and truly similar to hymenoplasty. Just like hymenoplasty, it uses the approach of surgically tightening the vaginal tissues to yield a tighter, fully-healed hymen.

Comparing Vaginoplasty with Hymenoplasty

Please note that patients seeking a Vaginoplasty may or may not be very specific regarding their need to tighten the hymen. Vaginoplasty isn't aimed at tightening the hymen only, i.e. it aims to tighten and surgically reshape a loosened vagina. This invariably includes the hymen and the entire vaginal opening.

Vaginoplasty may not be aimed at systematically creating an un-ruptured hymen; the surgeon might seek to improve the overall dynamics of a drooping vaginal opening wherein the musculature is surgically stretched. Thus, Vaginoplasty isn't recommended for women who are specifically seeking to gain a wholesome hymen.

This is particularly applicable to women who seek hymenoplasty for restricting the hymen to underline their status of being a virgin. This application of hymenoplasty is more common in south-east Asian nations where hymenoplasty is often sought during the pre-marriage preparations.

Vaginoplasty has a more liberal application since it aims to realign the musculature of the entire vagina. It is commonly sought by women to enhance sexual gratification or by those who have given birth multiple times.

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