Recovery after Vaginal Rejuvenation

Recovery after vaginal rejuvenation surgery is similar to recovery after other major surgical procedures, but also includes some specific considerations and precautions. It is very important to take care of yourself after surgery, and to follow your doctor's instructions.

Recovery Guidelines

Some general guidelines to recovery include:

  1. Get enough rest. Some people try to resume normal activity too soon after surgery, which can compromise the body's ability to heal. You should take some time off work to recuperate, and allow family and friends to help with everyday tasks for at least a few days after you come home.
  2. Use any medications according to the instructions provided. You will likely have pain medication as well as antibiotics to increase your comfort and to prevent infection. Be sure to take antibiotics exactly as instructed, since stopping too soon could lead to an unwanted risk of infection. Dosage for painkillers should also be followed closely to prevent overdose.
  3. Avoid tampons. Your doctor will provide instructions about how long you should wait before using tampons. This is usually six to eight weeks, but could vary depending on your doctor's recommendations and the extent of your surgery.
  4. Avoid sexual activity. Again, you will probably need to wait six to eight weeks before engaging in sex again. The doctor will provide guidelines on how long you should wait.

Successful Outcome of Surgery

Although some recovery guidelines might seem difficult to follow, it is very important that you follow your doctor's instructions in order to ensure a successful recovery and long-term positive results. Not following the doctor's guidelines could lead to complications in the long run, some of which could require additional surgical procedures.

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