Potential Side Effects of Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty is one of the three vaginal enhancement surgical procedures. Hymenoplasty is a reconstruction surgery that reattaches the hymen to the vaginal wall. The hymen is a membrane that is found almost a third of the way in the back of the vaginal opening. There are several causes for the rupturing of the hymen membrane: sexual intercourse, horseback riding, accidents, jumping, exercise, sports, to name a few. The rupture of the hymen membrane can result in a full blown opening or numerous small tears. With the hymenoplasty procedure, these tears or openings can be successfully restored.

Even after going through hymenoplasty, the hymen is never closed completely. There is always a very small opening that is essential for the ejection of fluids formed during menstruation and for urinating. The main aim of almost any hymenoplasty procedure is to restore the hymen to the same status as that of a virgin.

You may, however, experience some potential side effects of your hymenoplasty procedure. Just like any other procedure, the hymenoplasty also has some side effects involved. You can prevent any potential side effects by following your doctor's instructions and taking medications as needed.

Potential Side Effects

It is rare to see any severe side effects of Hymenoplasty, but you may experience any of the following:

  • You may experience sudden and intermittent bleeding after the surgery.
  • You may run a fever, which is an indication that you may have some sort of infection.
  • If you witness any change in the normal color of the skin around vagina, such as yellow or green, you should consult your surgeon immediately as this can be concerning.
  • If you feel an increase in pain, numbness or a tingling sensation around the vagina, then it is an indication of nerve injury.
  • If you experience any swelling in the vaginal area, you should immediately consult your surgeon and this can be a serious complication. Swelling is an indication of skin necrosis that can lead to major complications. The sooner this condition gets attention and treated, the better.

Avoiding Side Effects

Every cosmetic surgeon gives a written list of instructions to the patient after the surgery is complete. You should never ignore the instructions that are given by the surgeon, as this can result in unwanted complications. ᅠ

Take your pills regularly and other medication prescribed to you to help prevent any kind of post-surgery infection. You will also be advised to apply certain lotions regularly around the vaginal area, which will make the healing process faster. You will also be required to wear specifically designed garments for a few days to support the vaginal area.

There will be preventative measures to follow in your daily routine for a few days after your procedure. Immediately after the surgery, you will need to rest as much as possible and slowly return back to normal activities. Consult your doctor with any questions or concerns you may have.

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