Female Genital Rejuvenation Following Childbirth

The genital region plays an important part in the self esteem and confidence of an adult woman.  After giving birth to children many women experience a loosing or weakness of the vaginal muscles.  This weakening is usually attributed to the muscle enlargement that is experienced during a vaginal child birth.  Even though exercise is often prescribed to help this condition it does not always achieve the desired results.  When this happens women often lose self esteem as they feel they are unable to please their sexual partners and are therefore less attractive.  One way to help resolve this embarrassing and stressful situation is to undergo genital rejuvenation surgery.

The Procedure & Recovery Period

Vaginoplasty, also known as genital rejuvenation surgery, is a cosmetic surgery that can reverse the stretching affects that childbirth has on the genitals.  The procedure will strengthen and tone the muscles of the vagina returning them to the state they were in before child birth.  The surgery consists of tightening the muscles of the vagina and removing some of the vaginal lining. 

The recovery period is usually four to six weeks.  During the first few days women will experience pain and discomfort when walking.  After a few days most women are able to walk without any discomfort and most activities including sex can be resumed after six weeks.  An exam is usually required before normal activities are resumed.  Some side effects are infection, bleeding and severe pain.  Staying clean and avoiding baths and pools will help reduce the risk of infections.  Limiting activity and taking prescribed pain medication will help alleviate the chances of bleeding and reduce pain.

Cost of Genital Rejuvenation

The cost of genital rejuvenation often depends on the length of the surgery and the area of the United States it is being performed in.  Expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to $12,000 to have your surgery completed.  Most plastic surgeons offer low interest payment plans to patients that are unable to pay such a large sum up front.  If your plastic surgeon does not offer payment plans consider outside funding. 

Some companies specialize in providing loans to individuals seeking cosmetic surgery.  These loans are usually at a lower interest rate than many credit card companies. There is also the chance that your insurance will cover the cost of the procedure if it is found to be medically necessary.  Before having your surgery consult your primary physician especially if you have been having trouble urinating.  Frequent urination is often considered a medically sound reason for having the procedure.


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