Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Hymenoplasty

A Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure used to restore the broken hymen of a woman. The main reason behind the tearing of the hymen is sexual intercourse. The hymen gets torn through penetration, and it cannot reconstruct itself naturally. However, with the help of a Hymenoplasty, this can be done. In some cultures, the presence of an intact hymen has great importance, as it is a symbol of virginity. However, there are other reasons the hymen ruptures besides sexual intercourse, including strenuous physical activity or tampon use.

There are many benefits that can come with this procedure. The benefits gained from a Hymenoplasty can be health-related or purely cosmetic.

Sexual Satisfaction

Hymenoplasty can increase sexual satisfaction, as this procedure also tightens the vaginal wall. After having children, the vaginal walls become enlarged, which gives a 'loose' feeling during sexual intercourse. Many women opt for a Hymenoplasty in order to rejuvenate their love lives and increase sensation during intercourse.

Restored Virginity

Undergoing Hymenoplasty can also act as as a form of abstinence from sex. This is because you cannot indulge in sexual intercourse immediately after going through the hymenoplasty. When you do engage in sexual intercourse for the first time after the procedure, you will experience the same feeling as if it was your first time. You may have some pain and discomfort, and even slight bleeding.


If you opt for the surgery for ethnic, cultural or religious reasons, then a Hymenoplasty can help restore you physically as well as give you peace of mind. It is considered a shame in some cultures to not be a virgin before marriage, and if you fall into this category and want to spare your spouse and family any dishonor, then you may decide to undergo a Hymenoplasty. After having intercourse with your spouse after the procedure, there will be some resistance and bleeding, which is a sign of virginity.

Sexual Assault

If you have been sexually assaulted or abused, a Hymenoplasty is a way to restore what was forcefully taken from you. Especially if you want to stay a virgin until marriage, or even just to save the 'first-time feeling' for someone you choose, then this may be the best procedure for you.

Health Benefits of Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty also helps in boosting physical health. This is because the basic function of the hymen is to protect the entrance of the vagina from things such as dirt and microorganisms (and other things that can infect the vagina). It also promotes better blood circulation in the vagina.

Getting a Hymenoplasty has many benefits for a woman. There are little to no side effects or complications with this procedure if it is performed properly. Consult with your surgeon about any concerns you may have.

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