Benefits of Labiaplasty

Benefits Labiaplasty Can Provide

Elongated labia can easily become irritated due to tight clothing and may lead to recurrent infections, such as vaginal yeast infections. Many women who undergo labiaplasty report increased self confidence and self esteem. Labiaplasty can also eliminate the discomfort may women with elongated labia experience upon certain kinds of physical activity and intercourse. Labiaplasty is often used to enhance the female sexual experience in women who have trouble reaching orgasm. In cases where labial elongation is minor, surgeons might simply perform a hoodectomy, or a procedure in which the hood of the clitoris is pulled back to allow further exposure of this organ. In many cases, the hoodectomy itself leads to shortening of the labia minora, as well as increased sexual stimulation. Labiaplasty is the only means of enhancing the appearance or shape of the female vulva. Most women who undergo labiaplasty are able to return to work within four days, resume most normal activities after three weeks, and resume all normal activities including sexual intercourse after three weeks. Surgeons may prescribe antibiotics and painkillers during the recovery process.

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