Advantages and Disadvantages of Vaginal Rejuvenation

There are clear advantages and disadvantages to vaginal rejuvenation. Vaginal rejuvenation is a surgical procedure aimed to restore the vagina back to its younger state. A tighter state. After childbirth the vaginal area is stretched. Although the vagina does return back to a smaller state, it may not be as tight. This can be a problem for some women and their partner, as sexual pleasure may not be the same. 


Vaginal rejuvenation promises a tighter vagina. That translates to increased sexual stimulation, as the vagina will have a tighter fit around the male organ. On top of the sexual advantage, vaginal rejuvenation can stop premature urination for older women who may find that they release a small amount of urine while doing certain activities. The tighter vaginal muscle would be able to hold the urine like it once did.


With any surgical procedures comes risk. The risk of something possibly going wrong is a factor that needs to be weighed. Also, the cost factor needs to be considered. A vaginal rejuvenation surgery can be in the $7,000 range. Some women would prefer using a natural method of toning their vaginal walls instead of going through this costly procedure. 

Natural Method

The Kegel technique can be used to restore tightness to the vagina. It is much like holding in urine (for a count of 10) and then releasing. Repeat this exercise as often as you like to build the muscle in the vagina. This exercise can be done before and after pregnancy to tone the muscles of the vaginal walls. The Kegel technique also increases the flow of blood to that area, which aids in sexual arousal.

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