Advantages and Disadvantages of Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty is a procedure in which women can have their hymens restored to its natural position, creating the sensation of being a virgin again. Many women who have had children are looking to have a hymenoplasty in order to rejuvenate their love lives and increase sensation during intercourse.

Advantages of Hymenoplasty

A woman who seeks out a hymenoplasty does so in order to tighten up her hymen. This small skin membrane may have been torn during intercourse or another strenuous activity, causing pain and bleeding. When the hymen is restored, the patient will be able to feel more fullness during intercourse and they will be able to have a higher possibility of orgasm during sexual activities. This procedure can also help those who have religious, ethnic or cultural reasons for having the hymenoplasty. The procedure time is short as is the recovery time for more patients who get the hymenoplasty procedure.

Disadvantages of Hymenoplasty

For some women, the hymenoplasty procedure may create discomfort for future sexual activities. As a result, they might end up breaking the hymen once more, reversing the procedure's effects. Some women find that they do not receive as much pleasure during intercourse as a result of a hymenoplasty, as certain sensations are changed or dulled. Some insurance plans will not cover a hymenoplasty without a qualifying medical reason.

With a hymenoplasty, a woman can repair a broken hymen, helping her to feel as though she is a virgin. However, as with any surgery, the hymenoplasty procedure has advantages and disadvantages.

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