4 Reasons to Choose Hymenoplasty

A hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to restore the hymen, which is the mucous membrane surrounding the external part of the vagina. It is a common misconception that your hymen can only rupture due to sexual intercourse, however, there are other reasons as well. Any kind of physical activity like horseback riding or swimming, or other athletic sports activities like gymnastics which needs extreme flexibility, can also be the reason of a rupture. If you want to restore your hymen, a hymenoplasty can give you the results you desire.ᅠ

In most conservative areas around the world, virginity is a must until marriage. If you are a non-virgin and enter into marriage, and your spouse finds out after the fact, he can become physically and morally abusive. This can even potentially lead to divorce. Your spouse or his family will most probably never understand that you may have lost your virginity not because of sex before marriage, but due to other reasons beyond your control. This is why Hymenoplasty has gained so much popularity all over the world--to avoid those situations. Hymenoplasty has been very common in the middle-east for a very long time and is gaining more popularity in Europe and the United States.

The following are 4 of the most common reasons you can opt for Hymenoplasty:

1. Marriage

If you are getting married and belong to a conservative social background, which holds a belief that a woman's virginity must only belong to her husband, you can get this procedure. Many women who opt for this procedure belong to this category, whose hymen had probably broken accidentally due to reasons other than sexual intercourse. However, if you have had intercourse before marriage and want to hide this fact from your spouse, for religious or cultural reasons, then a hymenoplasty will work for you as well.

2. Rape

If you are a victim of rape or sexual abuse and your hymen ruptures, you may choose a hymenoplasty to repair any damage. You may feel like going for a restoration will give you something back which was taken away from you forcefully. It can be a symbolic way of coming to terms with what has happened and help restore your dignity, morality and integrity.

3. Sex Life

Another reason why you may choose Hymenoplasty is if your sexual life has become dull. Since this procedure repairs the hymen and tightens the vaginal walls again, the pleasure during intercourse for both of you will increase.

4. Aging

With age, the vaginal walls become elongated and muscles tend to get loose. Some women have a hard time dealing with this change. To bring back your self confidence and to make you feel younger, you may opt for a hymenoplasty.

After having undergone Hymenoplasty, you may notice some bleeding during sexual intercourse, as if you were having sex for the first time. You may also experience some discomfort. This is a temporary side effect and will go away.

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