Non-Invasive Alternatives to Tummy Tuck

A Tummy tuck, which is also known as abdominoplasty, is an invasive surgery which calls for a long recovery period of up to one month. If you choose to do a surgical tummy tuck, be sure to commit not just to the healing period, but also the changes and scars which will not fully heal for up to a year. However, there are a few non-invasive alternatives to a tummy tuck without the long recovery.


In mesotherapy, several different compounds, which include holistic compounds, amino acids and other medications, are injected into your body. They are mostly popular in South America and Europe as an alternative to the tummy-tuck as well as liposuction. It is almost a painless procedure because the needles used in this procedure are small in size.


In this procedure, injections are used to directly spread a mixture of several mild medications and enzymes into the areas where there is unwanted fat. This mixture of medication and enzymes acts as a dissolver of excess fat. ᅠThis method is popular due to the fast recovery period as opposed to other methods.


This method is effective for those who are not severely overweight. Titan uses infrared light sources to help eliminate excess fat below the skin's surface. If you are concerned with loose or sagging skin, you may benefit from Titan Tissue Tightening.


In this procedure, a heated wave of lasers are used to melt unwanted fat. It works very quickly and efficiently as the laser wave directly strikes the target area. It is also the most non-invasive alternative to the tummy tuck. The melting of unwanted fat leads to the tightening of skin collagen. Another kind of thermage, called body by thermage, uses radiofrequency waves instead of using the laser waves.

Natural Sculpting System

This method is a completely different form of a non-invasive alternative to the tummy tuck. There are only a few people who believe in the natural sculpting system, but those individuals who do believe in it have reported to have seen results overnight. But, there are some individuals who reject this procedure as they believe it is nothing but a scam or fake method to losing unwanted skin and fat. This procedure makes use of lotions, sculpting cloths and gels. The lotion mainly consists of rosemary, urea, yarrow, green tea and bladder wrack. This lotion can be applied either on target areas or over the entire body. The use of the gel is best used in a hot steamy shower. After applying the gel, the body is covered with sculpting cloths. You have the option to leave the cloth on for a few hours or you can leave it on for the whole night. This procedure is highly effective if a healthy diet and an exercise program is added as well.

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