Mommy Makeovers

Pregnancy is a difficult time for all women regardless of how many times they have been pregnant before.  There is a lot of stress placed on the body both physically and emotionally that can be difficult to bear.  Most women believe that their troubles are over after they leave the delivery room but often the hard work is just beginning.  Being the primary caretaker of a newborn is time consuming, stressful, and exhausting.  Few women get the time to properly recover from childbirth let alone have some time to themselves.

What is a Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a series of cosmetic surgeries that are designed to help a woman who has a child get her figure back.  These procedures will provide results that hours at the gym and diet alone can often not hope to accomplish.  An average mommy makeover consists of receiving breast implants or having a breast lift performed, getting a tummy tuck, having an eye lift, and receiving liposuction.  The end result of a mommy makeover should be that a woman feels and looks the way she did before she ever had children. 

Why Should Moms Get a Mommy Makeover

Few mothers get a chance to relax and do anything for themselves immediately following childbirth or in the years that follow.  This can be upsetting and frustrating especially when this means giving up an established workout routine.  Even though many people think it is easy to go to mommy and me gyms and pick up a routine that was left off it is extremely difficult to care for a child, a home, work, and still take care of yourself physically. 

Many mothers experience depression and anxiety brought on by their physical appearance.  Having a mommy makeover can help take care of physical and emotional problems that mothers might be experiencing.  The series of cosmetic surgeries will help rejuvenate a woman wiping away the physical marks of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and raising a child or multiple children.

When you Should Get your Makeover

New mothers should wait at least six months before beginning the mommy makeover routine.  This will give the body time to recover from nine months of pregnancy and the stress of a labor.  If you are a mother that is breastfeeding you should wait until your baby has been weaned for six months.  This will give you time to gradually help your infant make the transition from breast milk to baby food or formula and give your body time to recover from the strain of constantly producing milk.

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