Leg Lift

A common procedure that is not often talked about is the leg lift surgery. This cosmetic surgery helps reduce the effects of aging by removing wrinkles, fat, and loose skin. Many women undergo this surgery after losing weight or when they start noticing the effects of age. Having a leg lift will tighten the skin on your legs and thighs, making you look much trimmer.

The Leg Lift Procedure

The leg lift procedure often takes between two and four hours to complete. During this plastic surgery, the plastic surgeon places an incision in the upper, inner, thigh area and lifts the excess skin and fat. The amount of skin and fat removed is often decided by the surgeon and the remaining skin is closed. Scars from the surgery are hidden in the bikini line. Prior to having a leg lift, you will have to consult with a physician that will determine how your surgery should be performed to minimize scarring and other problems.

Recovery after the Leg Lift

The recovery period for the leg lift cosmetic surgery is between four to six weeks. During this time, many cosmetic surgeons do not let patients sit but instead advice them to lie down or stand up whenever possible. Things like running, working out and other strenuous activities should be avoided until your surgeon gives you permission to resume normal activity. Recovery time can be shorter or longer depending upon your and the surgeon you use.

The Cost of a Leg Lift

Leg lift costs vary and are often dependent upon location. In some areas a leg lift can cost several thousand dollars. While many insurance companies will not cover a leg lift since it is an aesthetic surgery, there are many doctors and credit companies that will finance your surgery giving you the chance to benefit from this anti-aging surgery without paying a large sum up front.

Leg Lift Risks

Unfortunately, there are many risks associated with a leg lift. One of the most common risks is scarring. While most surgeons do their best to make sure scars are not visible, there are times when this cannot be done because the work is extensive and individuals have ended up with scars extending to the knee. Individuals who have leg lifts also have issues with healing and even infection. In some cases, a loss of sensation because of nerve damage and permanent discoloration has been reported.

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