Where are the Penis Enlargement Surgery Scars Located?

Scars are a necessary result of surgery. Scars are a good indicator that healing is taking place. Sometimes they are unsightly, always they are permanent. Their final appearance depends on several factors.

Thin skin areas, such as the shaft of the penis, leave barely noticeable scars. In contrast, thicker skin like the buttocks, back and shoulders leave more visible scarring. Also, skin sections closed with sutures under tension result in more visible scarring than skin not under tension.

All people scar differently. On Caucasians, right after surgery, scars appear bright red; on Afro-Americans, they appear dark brown. But, the single most important factor in scar appearance depends on the suturing skills of your plastic surgeon. They are highly trained in the fine art of “scarless” surgery for these delicate operations.

Where the Surgery Scars Are

Depends on which penis enlargement procedure you are having:

  • Phalloplasty.  The most common penis elongation surgery requires a transverse incision of about 1 ½ inches at the penis base. The scar is completely hidden by pubic hair.
  • Lipo-Sculpture.  To increase girth, results in a minimal scar. Liposuction requires an incision in another body area of 1/4 inch to withdraw the fat tissue, then injected into several areas of the penis leaving tiny 1/16 inch dimples.
  • Dermal Grafts.  Another choice of increasing girth. Tissue is taken from the epidermis of a pre-selected body area where scars won’t be as visible, then grafted to the penis. Scarring is dependant upon the amount of epidermal flap taken and is at the discretion of the surgeon.
  • Alloderm.  Another girth-increasing procedure gaining in popularity because there are no scars, no skin-harvesting— only minimal penile micro-suturing. Thin strips of freeze-dried cadaver tissue are grafted to the penis shaft, as many layers as needed to reach the desired girth.

Use Only a Highly Qualified Surgeon

If you’re concerned about scarring, remember only board certified plastic surgeons have also been trained in procedures to achieve minimal scarring. The use of any other type of doctor or health practitioner is at your own risk.


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