When to get a Penis Enlargement?

Sure, you want a bigger penis, most men do. All our lives we’ve heard bigger is better. And nowadays, we hear about male “enhancement” everywhere. Pills, potions and promises or your money back! Well there is no magic bullet here. The only way to enlarge your penis permanently is through surgery.

Unfortunately, surgery is nothing to jump right into, no matter how safe. Any procedure that’s invasive carries potential risks or complications.

Try Self-Help Techniques First

  • Pubic Hair.  Giving yourself a pubic haircut won’t increase the penis size but it will appear bigger.

  • Lose Weight.  By losing that pouch and reducing the size of body parts will also make the penis look bigger.

  • Shape Up.  Regular body-building exercise will improve appearance, make youl look more masculine, and boost your self-esteem.

It’s just possible that after trying these few grooming tips, you’ll feel so much better about yourself— that penis size just won’t matter. However, if you have one or more of these following conditions, no amount of grooming will help— and you could very well be a good candidate for penis enlargement surgery.

When Phalloplasty Surgery is Recommended

  • Micro Penis.  A penis of less than 10 cm long, or 9 cm around is considered under-sized, can prevent procreation, or unable to consummate the sex act.
  • Genetic Anomalies.  Any number of birth defects, such as the opening of the urethra having been formed above or below the normal penis exit. Penis enlargement is usually done during this reconstructive procedure, if desired.
  • Psychological.  A real or imagined need for a larger penis that can result in psychosomatic illnesses if no medical action is taken.
  • Aesthetic.  Vanity, masculinity and ego, all form an obsessive desire for a sex organ of massive proportions. The male counterpart to the female augmenting her breasts with implants.

Find a Qualified Male Enhancement Surgeon

This surgical operation is not to be attempted by any physician other than a plastic surgeon, board certified in urological surgeries. Ethical surgeons will not perform penis enlargement surgery without valid therapeutic reasons.

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