What to Expect from Penis Enlargement Recovery?

Recovery begins the minute surgery is over. When the anesthesia wears off and you’re awake and alert with vital signs normal— you’re ready to leave. But, of course, somebody has to drive you. And for most, the road back to normal will be smooth, bearable and uneventful.

Among an assortment of post surgery symptoms, the one that causes the most discomfort is—pain. The bruising, swelling, throbbing, even abstaining from sex, all seem to be well-tolerated. But for whatever reason, man doesn’t take well to pain. So that aftereffect gets the most attention.

Post Male Enhancement Surgery Pain Relief

Once the feelings and sensitivities in the penis start to return, pain can be mild to moderate. It can be controlled with prescription medication your surgeon will prescribe for you.

If the pain is not severe, take over-the-counter analgesics and see get by with that. If using Tylenol (never aspirin), go easy, your liver doesn’t like it. And you don’t need more reactions on top of those you already have. Remember, every one of those pain-killers has side effects. So, try using pain meds only at bedtime, if needed.

Once you arrive home-- here’s what to expect:

  • Discomfort.  Pain will diminish gradually; use pain-killers cautiously and only when pain is severe; use cortisone cream for itching.
  • Bruising.  Black and blue may turn yellowish, but bruising will be the last to completely vanish.
  • Swelling.  Keep swelling down with ice packs, arnica gel applications, and bromelain tablets.
  • Sex.  Afraid not, not even with a woman, for at least a month.
  • Bathing.  Not until sutures are removed, use sponge baths until more healing occurs.
  • Driving.  Not until you are completely off pain meds.
  • Work.  If you’re up to it, wait 3 days for light work; 2 weeks for physical work.

Consult only with a qualified surgeon

Actually, the best source for answers about at-home recovery is your own plastic surgeon. If he is board certified in these procedures, he’ll be trained in all aspects of the operation-- including answers to recovery questions as well.


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