What are the Complications and Risks of a Penis Enlargement?

Every surgical procedure, no matter how invasive, involves possible risks and complications. In addition, every penis enlargement technique has its limitations. A man’s choice to undergo phalloplasty enhancement surgery is determined by weighing any risks or potential complications with the benefits. In the case of adding length and width to an under-endowed penis, the decision for many is an easy one.

Rare Male Penis Enhancement Post OP Symptoms

Most patients go through post-op recovery without any adverse reactions but if any of the following symptoms occur after surgery, contact the surgeon, your attending physician or hospital emergency immediately:

  • Adverse reaction to the general anesthesia
  • Excessive bleeding, inadequate coagulating
  • Sharp, intense pain at surgical site
  • Chest pains, cardiovascular symptoms
  • Shortness of breath at rest
  • Irregular or racing heartbeat

Possible Risks and Complications of Surgery

In the vast majority of cases, the benefits are well worth the risk. Nevertheless, since every individual’s body reacts differently to the traumas of surgical procedures, it is advisable to discuss all possible risks and complications with your plastic surgeon:

  • Infection.  Though antibiotics are started days before the scheduled operation, infections still happen and may require sutures opened to allow drainage. 
  • Hemotoma.  A fairly common accumulation of blood under the surgical site. Causes bruising and swelling, but not serious and usually resolves itself.
  • Sensation.  Usually only temporary, a decrease or numbness, or an increase in sensitivity in the penis head may be experienced.
  • Anesthesia. Some men in poor general health or with known adverse reactions to general anesthesia and must instead use a local anesthesia with sedation. Men in good overall health should have no concerns.
  • Necrosis. A rare occurrence, death of skin or tissue, a result of insufficient blood supply to the affected area, sometimes follows infection or severe hematoma.

Avoiding Phalloplasty Risks and Complications

Choosing a phalloplasty surgeon board certified in urological procedures, with many years of experience will allow you the best chance of having less risks occurring and a successful outcome with less possibility of complications from your surgery.


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