Techniques for a Penis Enlargement Surgery

For whatever reason nature intended, about half of man’s penis is hidden within his body. Though the size of the penis that protrudes on the exterior is what we’re concerned with, phalloplasty surgeons have found a technique to release and extend the hidden penis, lengthening the overall size substantially.

Although still regarded as an experimental, but safe technique, penis lengthening surgeries have been performed since the early 1980’s with success. Coupled with two other successful techniques for enlarging the girth or circumference of the penis, man can now have his dreams realized with an overall penis increase by as much as 25 per cent.

Length Enhancement Surgery 

Since as much as one-half of every man’s penis is hidden inside the body and attached by two ligaments to the underside of the pubic bone-- lengthening of the penis is accomplished by harmlessly cutting these two ligaments, stretching them, then suturing them back into position.

Once these incisions are made, the entire penis shaft is released and becomes outwardly visible, adding an additional inch or more to an erection.  Additional procedures of liposuction and skin re-distribution may also be advised in cases of obesity or men with erectile dysfunction.

Width Enlargement Surgery

Phalloplasty surgeons will agree there’s only one way to surgically lengthen a penis, but in width enlargement techniques— there’s a choice:

  • Fat Transfer.  Involves lipo-sculpturing and the harvesting of fat tissue from elsewhere on the body, injecting it into the penis and molding it like clay to the desired shape. In time, the tissues in this “graft” become assimilated and accepted by the penis.
  • Dermal Grafts and Allograft Implants.  Tissue is taken from the epidermis layer of the selected skin section, then grafted to the penis. Sometimes, collagen grafts are used. And sometimes implanted allografts (collagen harvested from cadavers) are used because when accepted, they last longer.

Only Board Certified Phalloplasty Surgeons Should Attempt These Procedures

With the possibility of tissue rejections, infections, and complications— it is advisable to use only a board certified plastic surgeon, trained and experienced in these delicate urological procedures.

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