Seeing Results after Phalloplasty Surgery

The time to judge results is not right after arriving home from phalloplasty surgery. Or even after your follow-up visit when the dressing comes off and sutures removed. Swelling and bruising continues to worsen for the first few days. It’s only when the black and blue starts to fade and your normal skin color returns will you begin to see some results.

If you have been realistic about your expectations, after your penis enlargement surgery, you know better than to expect measurements of porn star proportions. Pickles can’t turn into cucumbers, no matter how good the plastic surgeon is. Although there are limitations to every enhancement procedure, you can expect significant visual increases.

Penis Length Enhancement Results

Since as much as one-half of the penis is being released from it’s hidden alcove within the pubic cavity—this can result in an additional 2-3 inches added to the penis shaft. After a “settling down” of the two incised suspensory ligaments, and an adjustment to a new angle of erection, a final measurement of 1-2 additional inches is realistic.

That’s the equivalent of a 5 inch erect micro-penis going to a massive 6 ½ inches or more. And a penis of those proportions can go a long way in the act of satisfying a partner. Where a female is concerned, remember you are entering new territory. Be careful when entering the vagina, you may now be able to reach her cervix, so be gentle.

Male Width Enlargement Results

After the liposuction procedure, with the fat tissue re-injected into the penis or the alloderm method with strips of cadaver tissue grafted to the penis shaft—even more drastic increases are realized. 30 to 50 percent of additional width is not unheard of!

And that increase is visibly apparent either at ease, or at attention. Now, that really puts us within reach of that colossal cucumber.

For Best Phalloplasty Results

Your results are in proportion to the amount of skill used by the phalloplasty surgeon in performing these surgeries. For best results use only a board certified plastic surgeon trained in these procedures.


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