Where are Liposuction Scars Located?

Liposuction is a valuable form of body sculpting because after the procedure is completed and the patient is fully recovered, there is usually a very tiny scar.  Often, there is no visible scar.  Newer instruments used in liposuction procedures are very tiny and produce a minimal amount of scar tissue.  The scars are located near to where the area to be corrected is located.  Some surgeons try to camouflage the scars with the natural creases in a person’s body or even in their patient’s bellybutton.  Scars can also be hidden in the pubic region. Occasionally people with dark skin or a tendency to have exaggerated scars will have scars that are more pronounced, but usually in about a year the scars will have faded into a thin white line.

How to Minimize Scars After Liposuction

Usually, liposuction leaves virtually no scar, but some surgeons will give their patient’s helpful hints on minimizing scar tissue.  Surgeons will often suggest that patients massage the skin while it’s healing and also avoid the sun or tanning beds.  Excessive sun exposure can make a scar more pronounced.  Unfortunately, there is not anything that can be done to minimize scars in people that are simply predisposed to them.  Some surgeons will prescribe special scar minimizing cream to assist with the healing process. 

Consult with a Professional

A surgeon who specializes in liposuction is the most qualified person to help answer questions about liposuction scars.  Many professionals are available to answer these and other questions.


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