Pregnancy and Liposuction

Popular both among men and women, Liposuction is a slimming treatment that has several cosmetic benefits. Women are considering Liposuction more often than men. Planning a Liposuction surgery will involve considering pregnancies and establishing the right time for such a slimming treatment.

Liposuction before Pregnancy

Liposuction is safe to be performed before pregnancy, but may not be a practical choice. However, if you need to get this procedure, you may opt for it. You should know that after the procedure (i.e. during pregnancy) you may deposit fat even in the areas that are treated with Liposuction.

Liposuction during Pregnancy

None of the existing Liposuction techniques can be used during pregnancy. The Liposuction may affect the baby due to several factors:

  • The anesthetic, which is required in all known types of Liposuction
  • Certain Liposuction techniques use laser beams, which may damage the fetus

Liposuction after Pregnancy

Most plastic surgeons agree that the optimal time for a Liposuction procedure is after pregnancy. Pregnancies can bring a lot of body changes, baby fat, and will also make the skin flabby. Opting for a Liposuction procedure after pregnancy will get rid of the baby fat and sculpt your body, so you will look like you did before the pregnancy (or even better). If you choose a Liposuction technique that will have a skin tightening effect as well, your skin will tighten faster and the effects of the pregnancy will be hardly visible. Some Liposuction procedures may also reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

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