Initial and Long Term Results of Liposuction

A wide range of people both male and female opt for Liposuction to eliminate fat deposits without having to follow diets or a severe exercise program. If you are considering liposuction you should know about the short and long term results of the procedure and to know how to maintain these results for a longer time.

Initial Results of Liposuction

The initial results of liposuction will be visible after the side effects of the surgery are gone. Swelling, fluid drainage or irritation may be experienced for five to 14 days after the surgery, depending on which procedure was employed. Due to the swelling, the body may not look slimmer, so be patient. During the following four to eight weeks, your body will eliminate fat and you will notice the optimal results only after this period. Allow your body to heal and the skin to tighten. Follow the post surgery instructions of your plastic surgeon to ensure that you won't have complications that may interfere with the normal results of liposuction.

Long Term Results of Liposuction

Liposuction techniques extract fat cells from the areas where you are more likely to deposit fat. However, there will be remaining fat cells in those areas, so you will be able to gain weight in these areas should you overeat or have an inactive lifestyle. To maintain the results of liposuction for longer, you should eat normally and have a regular workout schedule. Talk to a nutritionist and a personal trainer. You may also consider massage therapy to reduce the possible fat deposits.

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