Recovery after a Leg Lift

Leg lift surgery is the fastest way to see considerable improvement in the texture and tightness of skin on the leg, and it's the only way to remove excessively loose or sagging leg skin. However, the procedure is rather invasive, so you should familiarize yourself with the recovery process if you're considering this procedure.

Immediately after Surgery

Chances are high that you will be asked to spend a night at the hospital or clinic following your leg lift. This is just to make sure that you're reacting well to the surgery, as you will have entire areas of skin tissue removed from your thighs. You will be outfitted with compression garments over your legs, which will help keep swelling and bruising to a minimum. You may also have small tubes inserted into the areas of the incisions, which will help drain excess fluid and blood to prevent infection.

The Week after Surgery

You will be asked to stay home from work and refrain from more than minimal physical activity for a period of between one and two weeks after your surgery. During this time, you will continue to wear the compression garments on your legs, and you may still have the tubes inserted, at least for a few days. You should get plenty of rest during this time and can use ice packs as directed to reduce swelling and pain. You will also be on medication to reduce pain and prevent infection.

Although you will likely be able to return to work after one to two weeks, you may still be asked to avoid strenuous activity, such as rigorous exercise, for a period of three weeks after your procedure. You should also avoid heavy lifting. Although recovery after a leg lift may be more involved than you'd like, if the procedure can make you feel better about the skin on your legs, it can be worth the effort and exertion. Discuss all of your options with your cosmetic specialist to make sure that the lift is the best option for you.

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