Cost and Financing of a Body Lift

The Body Lift is a complex surgery that will involve removing the skin that is in excess in various areas of the body. Being a major surgery, the Body Lift will involve a lot of costs. However, the costs may vary on numerous factors.

Costs of Body Lift

The costs of a Body Lift will vary and may be between $5,000 and $ 25,000. The factors that influence the costs of a Body Lift will include:

  • The number of areas that need treatment (if only an arm lift are needed, the costs can be minimal)
  • The costs of the plastic surgeon, which may vary according to geographical location also
  • The prestige of the clinic
  • Whether the anesthesia and the hospitalization are included in the price

Additional Costs

The costs of the Body Lift surgery may not include the anesthesia and the hospitalization, which is needed after the procedure. The costs of the anesthesia and hospitalization may be up to $4,000. Make sure you ask your surgeon about the additional costs that you may have to face.

Insurance Coverage for Body Lift

The Body Lift is an elective surgery, so there is no insurance coverage for such a surgery. If there are medical problems caused by the excess skin, such as skin infections, parts of the costs of the surgery may be covered.

Financing of Body Lift

The Body Lift costs may be covered by getting a medical loan or signing up for a payment plan, which should be available at the plastic surgery clinic.

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