Advantages and Disadvantages of a Body Lift

A body lift aims to remove excessive amounts of sagging skin. Body lift surgery is only recommended for patients who present a serious case of loose skin, such as those who have undergone severe weight loss. This commonly includes bariatric weight loss surgery patients. However, a body lift surgery presents some advantages and disadvantages that should be fully understood by people who are contemplating this treatment.

Body Lift Advantages

Body lift is among the most invasive forms of surgical intervention aimed at removing excess or sagging skin. The attending plastic surgeon makes incisions to remove underlying layers of excess skin/fat and then the surrounding tissues are repositioned with the help of sutures. This surgical approach also acts as a way of body contouring since the surgeon has access to a larger, operational area and can easily limit the fat removal from surgical sites. Further, this surgery can be performed in nearly every part of the body prone to developing sagging skin including the arms, chest, hips, abdomen, buttocks and upper thighs. The overlying skin is sutured using dissolvable sutures, ensuring that there are minimal traces of the surgery.

Body lift can be customized to an appreciable extent according to the preferences of the patient. For instance, if the patient feels that the weight loss has been disproportionate and the lower body area looks bigger (along with having excessively loose skin), a lower body lift can be used. Here, the lower body parts are operated upon and the fat removal is conducted in conjunction with the upper body proportions, i.e. to maintain the aesthetic balance of the body. However, an individual can combine a lower body lift with an abdominal body lift or a mid-body lift for more comprehensive results.

The all-inclusive option in the niche of body lift surgery is Total Body Lift Surgery. This option is usually sought by people who are suffering from excessive loss of skin elasticity in the upper, mid and lower body areas. Body lifts are conducted as a single surgery wherein both, removal of sagging skin and minimal contouring, can be easily combined. Often body lifts are combined with liposuction to save the trouble of undergoing individual treatments.

Body Lift Disadvantages

The invasive nature of body lifts puts forth a significant drawback in the form of an extended post-surgical recovery period. In procedures like Total Body Lifts, the patient might need to undertake extensive rest, sometimes up to six weeks. Apart from the swelling and pain that is commonly associated with most invasive surgeries, the large number of incisions and sutures mean that physical activity is prohibited for a long period.

The price of a body lift does have regional variations but largely, it is considered among the more expensive of cosmetic surgeries. A full body lift can easily cost in excess of $20,000 though the actual charges vary according to the complexity of the procedure and any combination treatment sought by the patient. Apart from the cost of surgery, the longer aftercare puts forth additional expenditures. Such people are likely to incur additional expenditures since this treatment doesn't promise lifelong results. This is because body lift surgery isn't a weight loss surgery.

Body lifts don't prevent the development of new, sagging folds of skin. The body-contouring effects are limited in accordance with the post-operative lifestyle choices made by the patient.

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