Types of Arm Surgery

There are many different types ofᅠarm surgeryᅠavailable if you're trying to improve the look of your arm. Whether it be for purely cosmetic reasons or as recovery after an accident, knowing what types of arm surgery are available is very helpful. The best person to tell you exactly what type of arm surgery you may need will be your doctor or specialist. Here are some of the more common arm surgeries performed:

  • Upper Arm Lift
  • Mini Arm Lift
  • Full Body Lift

The Upper Arm Lift

This is normally performed to removed extra skin following heavy weight loss. The types of problems addressed with an upper arm lift are as follows:

  • Skin that hangs and jiggles below the upper arm when the arm is held out from the body
  • Excess skin on the upper arm, which makes wearing a short sleeve shirt emotionally uncomfortable
  • Excess skin following surgery to lose weight
  • Loose underarm skin that has lost elasticity from old age

Before any skin in this area can be removed, liposuction is conducted to remove excess fat from the area. This will happen a few months before the arm surgery. Sometimes, depending on the situation, both may be done at the same time.

The Mini Arm Tuck

If there is not enough sagging skin on the arm to warrant a full upper arm lift, a mini arm tuck may be in order. These procedures generally run around the $2,000 mark. People who are a fit for a mini arm tuck are those whose arms have lost elasticity. Whether the reason is age or rapid and recent weight loss, this is a good option. This type of surgery is considered to be elective and most insurance companies don't cover a mini arm tuck.

Full Body Lift

The full body lift involves not only the arm but the upper body as well. This type of surgery removes excess skin from many areas at once. It is generally used by people who have had bariatric surgery and experienced serious and quick weight loss. This is a procedure that generally involves removing skin from the upper arm, just as in an upper arm lift.

Other Options

As always with elective surgery, you should examine all other options before making a decision. Before you decide to follow through with any type of arm surgery, meet with your doctor and explore other possibilities. While this type of surgery is performed on a regular basis, any surgery can be dangerous, so weigh all your options.ᅠ

Diet and exercise are a good place to start. You may want to work with a dietitian at first to see if surgery is the only option. In some cases, it is. This is when you want to be prepared to meet with the surgeon who will be performing the operation and explain your reasons for choosing an arm lift.

In order to make sure you are prepared for any type of arm surgery, be sure to meet with all the doctors involved, including the anesthesiologist. Getting an arm lift can make you feel years younger and give your self confidence a major boost.

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