Potential Risks and Complications of Arm Surgery

For those contemplating arm surgery, there are risks and complications involved, just like with any surgical procedure. Well-informed patients can deal with problems before they begin, and awareness can help with the decision of whether to have the surgery in the first place. Although while in the care of a qualified surgeon, risks and complications of arm surgery are minimal, they can and do happen.

Most people opt for this kind of surgery when there is an excess of skin in the upper arm region, usually due to recent weight loss. The procedure for arm surgery is fairly straightforward. General anesthesia is administered after the patient is prepared for surgery, and an incision is made along the inside of the upper arm, usually from armpit to elbow, although occasionally the incision may extend even further. Excess skin is removed and the incision is closed with dissolvable stitches. Typically, this is considered an outpatient procedure, although some patients may be held overnight, depending on the conditions and the patient's response to surgery.

Simple Complications

Besides the complications and risks of surgery in general, arm surgery has specific concerns. In addition to infection, reaction to the anesthesia and excessive bleeding, complications can involve scarring, swelling, bruising and pain. Most of these problems are fairly easy to resolve, and patients often recover with no lasting effects.

Severe Complications

Although an attractive new silhouette can be achieved with arm surgery, some of the risks or complications can be quite severe. The scarring may turn out to be much more than anticipated, requiring ᅠadditional surgery.ᅠ There could be numbness or a change in sensation in the affected arm. There is a risk the surgery could do major damage to nerves, blood vessels or muscles and affect range of motion or the use of the arm. Additionally, there could be fat necrosis, in which pockets of fat left behind die and cause infection.

Other risks and complications of arm surgery involve blood clots, poor healing, cardiac or pulmonary complications and depression. Only people in optimal health should consider arm surgery, as the healing process can be compromised otherwise. Patients who are still in the process of weight loss are advised to wait for arm surgery until their weight loss goal has been achieved for optimal benefits.

Speaking with a surgeon about the possible risks or complications of arm surgery will present a clear picture and make the decision regarding arm surgery an informed decision. Risks and complications of arm surgery, when done by a qualified surgeon, are usually minimal and not common. However, it is something to think about before making such an important decision that may not only affect aesthetics, but actually the function of the arm.

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