Penis Enlargement to Boost Your Confidence

For men who are unhappy with the size of their penis, technology and human knowledge have advanced to offer surgical options that can make a major impact on self-esteem and confidence. Developed in 1990, penis enlargement, also known as phalloplasty, can help add length to the penis, enlarge the circumference of the penis, and change the size and circumference of the head of the penis. Through various techniques, penis enlargement can ultimately help improve the overall appearance and size of the male genitalia; however it does not improve function.

A preliminary medical examination will be conducted to determine if you are a healthy candidate for the surgery, and a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will help to establish which procedures are possible for you, and which penis enlargement techniques can be performed to help you achieve the look and size you desire. Be aware that your expectations of the surgery should be reasonable, and that perfect outcomes are not always possible with any plastic surgery.

Penis Enlargement Procedure

Penis enlargement usually takes up to three hours depending on the procedures to be conducted. To keep patients comfortable, general anesthetic will be used in a hospital setting. There are a few different techniques, which include the release of the suspensory ligament, which holds a large portion of the penis inside the body. Releasing the ligament allows this portion of the penis to hang outside the body and can add up to two inches in length. If it has been decided in the consultation, your surgeon may then add tissue expander to help with girth enhancement.

Tissue expander is often Autologous fat taken from a donor site on your body or layered grafts of harvested and sterilized tissue from cadavers. Your surgeon will insert the expander under the penis skin, and it will form with existing tissues to widen the penis. Fat injections and tissue grafts can also be used to add girth to the penis head. Also, extra skin removed from the testicles to bring testicles closer to the body and make the penis appear larger. All of these procedures should keep the normal function, form and feel of the penis intact.

Penis Enlargement Costs

Penile enhancement costs can vary depending on the specific procedure performed. The average fee is approximately $3000 to $6000. To learn more about how to finance your plastic surgery, click here.

Recovery from a Penis Enlargement

After the penis enlargement procedure your penis will be wrapped in surgical bandages that will need to be redressed regularly. You will be able to return home the same day, however, you will need assistance at home. There should not be bleeding, but there will be swelling and redness in the affected area. You will be instructed not to fold or bend your penis. After the initial four day recovery period, your doctor will recommend that you wear loose boxer shorts and pants to allow your penis to hang. Light activity can be resumed in five to seven days, but you may not do any strenuous activity or engage in sex for approximately six to eight weeks when you should be back to normal.

Penis Enlargement Risks

Penis enlargement comes with several risks. The potential but infrequent problems include infection and bleeding as well as scarring, less rigid erections and asymmetrical appearance. Loss of sensitivity or increased sensitivity can also be side effects of penis enlargement, as well as the risk of rejection of the widening tissue grafts. Before considering plastic surgery, it is important that you carefully weight the benefits and the risks and get all of the information from a qualified, accredited plastic surgeon.