Mole Removal Surgery Overview

People of all ages desire mole removal for a variety of reasons.  Some people fear that their moles might represent a serious medical condition that needs to be treated.  Others might have a lot of moles and simply want them gone.  Regardless of why you want your moles gone removing moles on any part of your body is now possible.

How Moles are Removed?

There are several ways to remove moles and your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will often decide the best method for you to use.  Two popular mole removal methods are removing the mole with a scalpel and stitching the area closed and using laser surgery.  The method is usually decided during an initially consultation when a sample of the mole is taken and tested to see whether or not the mole presents some hidden danger.  Most moles can be treated with a scalpel but small moles that are close to the surface can be treated with lasers.

Recovery after Mole Removal

There usually isn’t much recovery needed for a mole removal.  A local anesthetic is used so pain should not be an issue.  After the removal is completed you might need to rest for a day or two so that you can judge whether or not you will be affected by pain or side effects.  In most cases your plastic surgeon will give you recovery instructions and tell you when to come back for a follow up visit.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Mole?

The price of removing a mole is ultimately determined by the location of the mole, who performs the removal, how the mole was removed, and why it was removed.  Facial mole removal often requires more precision and technique making it more expensive.  Laser mole removal is also expensive because of the equipment required.  The cheapest mole removal available is using a scalpel and stitches.  The prices are usually between $100 and $200 with the price going up as you remove more moles.  If the moles are determined to be cancerous or present a medical risk your insurance will usually cover the removal.

Mole Removal Risks

Pain is one of the only risks commonly associated with mole removal.  Even though anesthetics are used on the area most individuals find mole removals with scalpels to be extremely painful once the medication has worn off.  There can also be excessive bleeding and even the risk of infection. Discuss all potential side effects with your plastic surgeon before scheduling the procedure.