Feather Face Lift

A simple, in-office, non-surgical cosmetic procedure to correct minor sagging and wrinkles on the face, brow and neck. The feather face lift is preferred over full face lift surgery or even a mini facelift because: the procedure is relatively painless, requires no general anesthesia, and takes less than an hour. There are rarely complications, short recovery time, results can be incredible without tell-tale scars, and the cost can be very affordable.

Pre-Op for Feather Face Lift

Patients that are in good physical and mental health, willing to discuss their medical history, itemize current list of prescriptions and supplements, and having realistic expectations about the results-- generally are qualified patients.

Feather Face Lift Procedure

Using hollow needles, barbed threads are inserted into pre-marked, strategic areas. These threads, inserted behind the ear for a neck lift, and along the hairline and cheeks for lifting the face, brow and eye areas-- become anchored to the underlying tissues and when pulled tight reduce wrinkles and draw the skin taut. Within weeks, new collagen forms strengthening the bond and creating even firmer skin.

Recovering from a Feather Face Lift

Your plastic surgeon will have post op instructions. Generally, get plenty of rest and avoid anything strenuous for the first week. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, coffee, aspirin, even vitamin E and any meds, such as vasoconstrictors that can reduce the healing flow of blood and oxygen.

Feather FaceLift Cost

The least expensive of all face lift surgery, including the mini face lift— this face lift cost is determined by the number of threads inserted. It ranges from $1,000 to $3,000.  

Risks of a Feather Face Lift

Even a minor feather lift can have complications like bruising, infection and swelling. Fortunately, they are temporary and treatable. Risks are also minimal and can be corrected:

  • Asymmetrical appearance
  • Reduction or increase in skin sensitivity
  • Thread tips re-surfacing through skin
  • Visibility of threads through translucent skin
  • Threads can lose their bond and pull free

Even though dermatologists and other medical professionals have performed the procedure with success-- risks and complications will be held to a minimum by selecting a board certified plastic surgeon for your procedure.