Male Nipple Enlargement & Nipple Enhancement


How can such a small part of the human anatomy have such a prominent position in defining the femininity of woman? Or the masculinity of man? Whatever reasons for wanting nipple enlargement-- the positive changes in a person’s life after nipple surgery are surprising and remarkable.

The symmetry and balance we have agreed to be foremost components in our definition of beauty often get overlooked in the composite of man and woman-- is all magnificently restored by a masterful craftsman. A plastic surgeon, who can change the size, shape and position of body parts and who understands how much these simple little adjustments can mean to a person.

Nipple augmentation, whether it’s for a female or a male nipple enlargement, is one of these simple adjustments correcting the structure of the nipple in proportion to the surrounding breast.

Nipple Enlargement Procedure

Performed with other breast procedures or alone, nipple enlargement surgery is done to balance the size and shape of the nipple with the surrounding areola and the breast. It’s a simple procedure, done in-office in less than an hour, using only a local anesthesia.

A minute amount of fat and cartilage is taken from another body part and used to enlarge the nipple. Then, other structural changes can be made: inverted nipples corrected, projection increased or decreased and nipples made more erect to supplement the perkiness of the breasts.

Recovery from Nipple Enlargement

A surgical bra may be worn as needed. No strenuous lifting for a while. Over-the-counter analgesics for pain. Sutures are dissolvable, (and invisible) so there’s no stitch removal in follow-up visits. And back to normal activity in a few days.

Nipple Enlargement Cost

The country’s average for nipple enlargement is $1500, including surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, and follow-up visits.

Risks of Nipple Enlargement

Complications or risks, rare for nipple surgery, include:

  • Lose ability to breastfeed
  • Swelling and discoloration
  • Scarring during healing
  • Return to original size
  • Loss of some sensation

Don’t take a risk with your surgeon. Only board certified plastic surgeons have been trained in these exact nipple enlargement procedures to restore the breast to its natural and normal condition.