Nipple Augmentation - Nipple Enlargement Surgery

Nipple augmentation surgery is a very commonly performed procedure.  Some women choose to have nipple augmentation surgery performed when they are already having breast augmentation surgery completed.  Others choose to undergo nipple augmentation absent of any other procedure.  Depending on the desires of the patient, either nipple enlargement surgery can be performed, or nipple reduction surgery.

When Nipple Augmentation is Necessary

There are a variety of reasons why nipple augmentation surgery may be necessary or desired.  First, nipple augmentation surgery could be elected when a breast augmentation has taken place and the size or color or shape of the nipple no longer matches the overall breast.  In this case, the nipple augmentation would likely take place during the same surgical procedure.  This procedure can be accomplished when breasts are either enlarged or reduced in size.  Second, nipple augmentation surgery may be elected because of a perceived deformity or dissatisfaction with the appearance of one or both nipples.  If not being done in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery, nipple augmentation can be done on strictly an outpatient basis and is not a long or complicated procedure.

Nipple Enlargement

Nipple enlargement surgery is the most common type of nipple augmentation performed.  Nipple enlargement is usually desired when a breast augmentation surgery will leave the breasts out of proportion with the nipples.  In this instance, it is natural for the patient to want to match sizes and have breasts that are in every way uniform in appearance.

Patients may also desire nipple enlargement surgery if they have naturally large breasts, but do not feel that their nipples are in proportion with their breasts.  This can be the case if a large weight gain has led to the increase in breast sizing.

Nipple Reduction

Nipple reduction surgery is far less common than nipple enlargement and can be trickier to undertake.  In almost all cases of surgery, it is easier to add on than take away.  Nonetheless, skilled plastic surgeons take on nipple reduction cases routinely.  Like nipple enlargement surgery, nipple reductions are usually desired in conjunction with breast surgery.  When women go through breast reductions, nipple reductions are often desired in order to match the appearance and size of the breast to the nipple.

Nipple reductions may also be elected outside of other breast surgery.  Some women feel self conscious about what they perceive as overly large nipples and seek to make them smaller.  This can often be the case when a woman goes through a large amount of weight loss but retains large nipples.