Cervicoplasty - Neck Lift Surgery to Remove Turkey Wattle

Often referred to as the “turkey wattle,” that extra skin under your chin and along the jaw line can make both men and women self-conscious and add years to your look. Neck lift surgery, also known as cervicoplasty, can be a fairly simple cosmetic procedure, and the best way to deal with that stubborn wattle, which is often a result of age, gravity, genetics or weight loss.

A neck lift is typically a part of a face lift, but can be performed alone to help redefine the neck. Usually, neck lift surgery includes neck liposuction, which removes fat in the neck to reduce fullness. These procedures are also often used in tandem with platysmaplasty surgery, which repairs the platysma muscles in the neck to give your profile a youthful boost by repairing neck muscles and removing the bands of fat and muscle that can cause the neck to droop.

In conjunction with this surgery, chin implants are also a surgical option to help define and elongate the look of the jaw line, while botox injections can also be used to give a firmer appearance to the neck. Your surgeon will consult you on which procedures will yield the best results for you.


Similar to a face lift procedure, incisions are made around the ears to best hide scars, and the neck region is reached through small incisions under the chin. Neck surgery, or cervicoplasty, removes excess skin and fat to redefine the neck and jaw for more taut appearance, the skin is then re-draped over neck muscles.

With platysmaplasty, the neck muscle which supports the skin and tissue of the neck can be tightened to remove bands of tissue and fat which begin to sag with age and gravity. In addition to both cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty, liposuction using a thin tube and suction can remove fat deposits.

Depending on the number of procedures you opt to undergo, neck lift surgery can last from approximately one to three hours, and is performed under mainly general anesthesia depending on your surgeon’s recommendation.


Fees for neck lift surgery can range from $1000 to $5000, and is dependent on the complexity and scope of the procedure. The cost for additional liposuction and platysmaplasty during your neck lift surgery may be reduced if the surgeon determines that these procedures are needed to achieve the look a patient desires. Often, cosmetic surgery costs are reduced when undergoing multiple procedures in one surgery. Be aware though, of the risks associated with undergoing multiple procedures in one surgery. Recovery Patients report that neck surgery discomfort is minor, and your doctor will prescribe simple pain relievers for your relief. Post-surgery, expect to feel some numbness, swelling, tightness and bruising. You will be fitted with a compression bandage to wear for a minimum of one week and instructed to use cold compress, avoid physical activity, and report bleeding or infection. Undergoing multiple procedures will affect your recovery time, but expect to be on your feet and back to work in about two weeks.


Risks associated with cosmetic surgery should be considered the same as any other surgery, and taken seriously. Be aware that bleeding and infection are the main risks involved in neck lift surgery. Following your surgeon’s directions closely is one way to minimize the risks.

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