Short Scar Facelift

Short scar facelift, or MACS lift, are an excellent type of facelift for someone who desires great results, quick recovery and very minimal scarring. MACS facelifts are also called scar free face lifts for that of other more invasive face lifts, but the scar free face lift cost is less and most people to find the results more natural looking. 

Short Scar Facelift Surgery

During a scar free face lift, the surgeon usually uses only local anesthetic.  Other facelifts use general anesthesia.  This helps to reduce recovery time.  Short scar face lifts are also called “s-lifts”.  They are given the s-lift moniker thanks to “s” shaped incision that the surgeon makes.  Unlike other facelifts, there are no telltale scars behind the ears.  The procedure itself usually lasts for about one to two hours.  The skin and muscle are not separated as they are in other face lift procedures and this also improves recovery time.  The short scar facelift cost is worth every penny to most patients!

Risks of Scar Free Facelift

There are minimal risks associated with short scar facelifts.  Of course some risks exist for all procedures, but there are less risks associated with short scar facelifts than many other procedures because they usually don’t require general anesthesia.  Some risks include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Medication reaction
  • Nerve damage

Recovery from Short Scar Facelift Surgery

The recovery after short scar facelifts are quick, with complete recovery usually occurring in about ten days.  There is, of course, some degree of swelling and pain but this is usually less than it is with other procedures.  Your surgeon will discuss with you his expectations  for your recovery. 

Short Scar Face Lift Costs

The cost of most short scar facelifts are around six thousand dollars. Most other facelifts are nearly double that price and have very similar results.

Consult with a Professional

An experienced plastic surgeon will be able to help you decide if a short scar facelift is the best treatment for you.  He will also be able to discuss with you the benefits of treatment as well as the risks. 


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