Deep Plane Face Lift Surgery

A deep plane face lift of endotine midface lift is a much deeper procedure than the traditional SMAS lift that is sometimes used to correct sagging skin in this area.  Skin and muscle tissue is sometimes reshaped and an incision is made near the hairline, separating skin from the underlying tissue.  Healing time for this type of procedure is generally longer than with other less involved lifts.  The surgeon may also place suspension devices to hold this tissue in place until healing can occur and the previously sagging tissue can begin to adhere to the bone again.  This type of procedure is usually done under general anesthesia and in a surgical suite.  Patients will return home the same day if there are no complications.

Risks of a Deep Plane Facelift

Some of the risks of deep plane face lifts include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Facial nerve damage
  • Facial asymmetry

Your surgeon will discuss with you warning signs of an impending problem and also the things you can do to help prevent a complication.

Deep Plane Face Lift Recovery

Recovery time is generally greater for deep plane facelifts than for other procedures due to the depth of the incisions needed.  Recovery time might take several weeks.  At this time most normal activity can be resumed.  Your surgeon will schedule several follow up visits with you in order to monitor your recovery closely. 

Deep Plance Facelift Cost

The cost of deep plane face lifts is generally between twelve and fifteen thousand dollars.  Your surgeon will discuss with you the exact price prior to your procedure.  Many surgeons will work with you or a lending agency to develop a payment plan for this type of surgery. 

Consult with a Professional

Many more detailed questions can be answered by the expert plastic surgeon you choose.  Your experienced surgeon will be able to help you decide if a deep plane facelift is the best option for you.


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