Birth Control Breast Growth & Breast Enlargement

Everyone knows that breast augmentation—or getting breast implants through surgery—will work to make a woman’s breasts larger.  A great deal of people would be surprised to find out, though, that this is not the only method through which a woman can increase the size of her breasts.

No, this isn’t to say that those breast creams and breast enlargement pills and those breast pumps that you have seen advertised on late-night television actually work.  Those items, in all probability, do not work well, if at all.  Instead, the item being talked about here is one with which many women are quite familiar—birth control.

Birth Control Breast Enlargement?

Yes, it is true.  Many women have experienced a great deal of breast growth through the regular use of birth control.  Not all women will have this happen when they take birth control; however, it does happen with enough women to be offered up as an option for women to try.

Birth control often contains estrogen and other hormones.  It is these hormones working with the rest of the body that can cause the size increase in a woman’s breasts.  The hormonal changes caused in a woman’s body by birth control are similar to the changes caused by pregnancy, so it makes sense that breast growth would be a side effect of birth control.  Studies and clinical trials have been done, and it has been proven that birth control can cause breast enlargement in a significant percentage of women.

Types of Birth Control

Breast enlargement can be a side effect of many different types of birth control.  Any methods of birth control which contain estrogen and hormones can cause a woman’s breasts to increase in size.

Breast enlargement may depend upon both the woman and upon the type of birth control she is taking.  Some women report breast growth that is minimal, much like just a little swelling.  Other women are extremely pleased to experience breast enlargement of a cup size or more as a result of the birth control that they are taking.

Alternative to Breast Enlargement Surgery?

For some women, using birth control as a method of breast enlargement could very well be an alternative to breast enlargement surgery.  However, since the results aren’t guaranteed and since not all women get the same type of results from the same type of birth control medications, birth control breast enlargement won’t be a complete replacement for breast enlargement surgery.

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