How Long Do the Results of Abdominoplasty Surgery Last?

When people ask about how long an abdominoplasty will last, they are really wondering about two things: how long will my surgery take and how long will the results last? With new advances in plastic surgery the answers to these questions are: surprisingly short and surprisingly long.

How Long is the Tummy Tuck Procedure?

Today, most abdominoplasties are performed in one day; the patient comes to the surgical center on the morning of surgery and is allowed to go home later that same day. The procedure itself can last anywhere from one to four hours depending on the extent of the surgery and if there are any additional cosmetic procedures being performed at the same time. Since you will likely have general anesthesia, knowing the length of the procedure is really most important for the person that is driving you home!

How Long Will I Enjoy Results?

For most people, a tummy tuck is a permanent procedure. This means that once you have an abdominoplasty and recover from it, you can enjoy the benefits for decades. However, the length of time that the benefits last depends greatly on your behavior. A tummy tuck cannot permanently combat overeating. If you overeat, the benefits will diminish. Also, a subsequent pregnancy may once again stretch the belly and abdominal muscles. If you put in the work, your tummy tuck can essentially last a lifetime.

Consult with a Professional

Your plastic surgeon is your best resource for estimating the time it will take to perform the abdominoplasty. Mostly for the benefit of your caregivers, ask you surgeon or anesthesiologist when you can expect to leave after the procedure. Also, your surgeon will provide guidance in maintaining your new flat stomach for years to come.


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