How are Penis Enlargement Surgeries Performed?

There are three types of penis enhancement surgeries performed with undeniable and measurable success. One for penis lengthening, and two variations for increasing width.

Penis elongation is achieved by cutting ligaments releasing the hidden part penis within the pubic cavity. This allows the penis to extend further out by as much as one inch, or more. And, with the average erect penis measuring about 6 inches— that represents a huge increase.

Girth techniques, to increase circumference can be as much as 50 per cent, as both techniques depend on amounts of harvested skin grafts applied to the penis. Without exceeding limitations, the more tissue grafted, the larger the girth of the penis.

Elongation Technique

As an outpatient, under anesthesia, one 4 cm incision is made laterally at the base of the penis, exposing two ligaments attached to the penis. The suspensory ligament supports the penis, the fundiform ligament holds it at a 60 degree angle. Both ligaments are cut individually, thus allowing the entire penis length to protrude to the exterior.

Then, the ligaments are stretched and re-sutured back into position. The only disadvantage for some is a reduction of the erection angle to 30 degrees. Exterior sutures are necessary, but they will be mostly hidden by pubic hair.

Two Girth Techniques

The “Lipo-Sculptural” technique harvests fatty tissue from the individual’s thigh or buttocks, injects it into the penis, then molds it into shape. As assimilation takes place, the transplanted tissue is accepted. This technique, though productive, has the disadvantage of having injected tissue re-absorbed.

Whereas, the “Dermal Graft” technique has very low reabsorbtion, with only10 percent expected—the remainder sometimes doubling the original girth. Here, entire sections of epidermis are harvested from the individual or cadavers. The main disadvantage is the scarring from additional incisions made directly on the penis.

Procedures for Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Only

With possible risks and complications involved in these delicate operations, you must be very careful to select the right surgeon. The best results can only be obtained from board certified surgeons trained in these urological procedures.


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