Mole Removal

Mole removal occurs when a mole is surgically removed. Moles, also called nevi are frequently removed for many reasons. They may be removed through an excision followed by stitches to the area. Alternatively, they may be removed through excisions followed by cauterization, which will burn away the mole. The depth of the mole and other cosmetic concerns will be taken into consideration by a doctor or by a dermatologist when it comes to determining how to get rid of the mole. A mole is a generic term that refers to any dark spot or irregularity on the skin. Skin marks such as keratoses or abnormal collections of blood vessels are not moles.

Fast Facts

  • Laser removal of moles is often not recommended for deep moles as the laser light is unable to penetrate deeply enough.
  • Heredity plays a significant role in whether a person will develop or be born with moles.

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